New Illustrations for California Avocados

We’re live! This year we’ve partnered with illustrator Tom Haugomat to bring our California landscapes to life. San Diego, LA and San Francisco, you’ll start seeing these pasted around your ‘hood real soon.


California Avocados wins Graphis Gold

Link: [California Avocado Poster Series | Graphis]

Hey, look at that! Our Avocado posters just got recognized by the fine people at Graphis. This was a fun one to work on, and I still get emails from people asking me to sell them one. I don’t have any, I promise!!

Here’s a little video of Michael Schwab, the artist behind these posters, talking about his process. Don’t email him for one either!

Patrón Tequila goes naked for ESPN

Patron’s all about contextually relevant ads, so when we found out we were going to be in the ESPN Body Issue, we knew we had to go naked, too. No headline no label. Just a bottle and a tagline.


Our Anti-Trump Christmas cards totally prevented a disastrous presidency!

Great news, guys! Trump lost the election, and now we never have to see him again. In his concession speech he was like “it’s all thanks to those darned Christmas cards that Patrick Simkins and his designer friends made.”

Yeesh, I can dream. Thinking of getting these printed for next X-mas. Any takers?