The Chairman is Watching

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The Toyota Hall of Fame was created to honor the best of the best fantasy football players. Since Yahoo’s 5.6 million players spend around 9 hours a week on the site throughout the NFL season, we had to do something that would feel new week after week.

So we introduced a character we called “The Chairman.” Played by JB Smoove of Curb Your Enthusiasm, his job is to monitor your progress throughout the season and find the ones worthy of the Toyota Hall of Fame.

We created a series of pre-roll and dynamic banners that helped make this Toyota's most successful partnership yet.

• 1.2 Million Total Unique Visitors
• 8 Minutes On Average Spent Per Visit
• 324% Lift In Sponsorship Association for Toyota (+6,380 % Industry Benchmark!)

Case Study

There are a lot of pieces to this campaign — here's an insane video overview:



Our banners used brand-new Yahoo! APIs to detect exactly how you're doing in your fantasy league. We created 27 different reactions so you always see something custom.

For example, if you're winning, the Chairman will look at your awesome scores and will ask you to nominate yourself, even mentioning your team by name in the banner.

And if you need a little help, he'll point you to our website for some helpful tips.