No Time To Waste

2013 One Show Interactive Merit Award
2013 ThinkLA Best Display Campaign

We positioned the 2012 RAV4 as the perfect vehicle for people with busy lives. People with no time for useless games and branded experiences.

This was the first ad campaign to take advantage of YouTube's Skip Ad functionality.

Our YouTube ads got all the car information out before the skip button popped up. Our Hulu ads were over in 5 seconds (some even shorter). And our banners destroyed the hourglass cursor and sped up loading bars. All in the hope that we could get viewers off the web faster and out into the real world in their new RAV4s.

Check out our case study for an overview:

This ad was built to seamlessly follow the typical Hulu intro.

If you don't click skip, this ad keeps going for 10 minutes. It gets awkward.

A little 90s throwback.


What campaign is complete without banners?!?