Teaching bros to care about craft


Lately the tequila category has become crowded with "craft" spirits and flashy celebrity brands. Even though Patrón is still on top, consumers are largely unaware how much work goes into each bottle.

Their agave is cut by hand, roasted for 3 days, mashed by a volcanic rock and distilled in small batches. Even the bottles are each hand-blown and signed. The amount of work for subtle improvements in taste doesn't make sense. So we set out to align Patrón with all kinds of things that don't make sense. Because it doesn't have to make sense to be perfect.

On TV, we introduced this redefinition of perfection with a :45 spot. On ESPN, we ran a custom version of the spot with headlines about the game you just watched.

We also launched our print ads in the Caitlyn Jenner issue of Vanity Fair. (Click to enlarge.)