Fantasy Football Hall of Fame

For die-hard fans, Fantasy Football is more than just a game. So with Toyota and Yahoo's help, we created a real-life Hall of Fame dedicated this digital sport.

Located in the 49er's brand-new location, Levi's Stadium, this installation takes you through the history of the game and celebrates its champions.

Video Overview

The History

The first part of the exhibit is made of real artifacts from the guys who started Fantasy Football back in 1963. Read the game's original rules, witness the game's move to the internet on a '99 iMac, or take a selfie with one of the most famous trophies in fantasy history – The Shiva, from the FX show The League. Once you've had your fill, step around back to…

The Trophy Room

This chair literally calls to you, asking you to sit down with a whisper, music and etherial sound effects. Once you sit, a pressure sensor in the chair triggers lights, applause and even a smoke machine.

A quick search on Instagram will turn up tons of people posting their epic photos, and posing with our artifacts.



We ran a number of videos encouraging people to visit the Hall, should they be in the area.