Duracell: Blackout

To raise awareness of Duracell's recovery efforts after storms, we needed an idea that allowed people to easily participate while highlighting all of our unique programs. Problem is, highlighting our efforts looks like we’re capitalizing on these affected communities. So instead of highlighting anything, we decided to black everything out.

Going Dark in Digital & Social

When a disaster strikes, all our dynamic banners would immediately black out, changing to a simple call to donate to relief efforts, which Duracell would match dollar-for-dollar.

In social, we’d turn our profile pictures black, and encourage fans to do the same to show their support. Our Facebook and website shift from marketing to a storm-relief hub full of ways to donate and get involved in the relief effort. The message was simple: We’d stay dark until that town is able to turn their lights back on.

NFL Partnership

Leveraging an existing partnership with the NFL, we’d replace the highly visible sideline stationary bikes with Duracell Power Bikes. The energy created by the players' movements fills portable emergency batteries that would be shipped immediately to affected towns to provide light for relief efforts.

On-the-Ground Relief

On the scene, Duracell Light Beacons provided a safe, well-lit meeting place for those affected by the storm. Developed by researcher at Columbia, these solar-powered inflatable LED lights provide 6 hours of continuous light for every 8 hours of solar recharging time.

These beacons lit a path to the Duracell Power Forward truck, which provided free batteries, flashlights, lanterns, toys for kids and outlets to quickly charge your cell phones.