California Avocados

The California Avocado Commission, a nonprofit organization, gave us a unique challenge: they don't want to sell more avocados. They just make each one more special.

After some taste tests, we realized people couldn't tell the difference between Californian and Mexican avocados. However, everyone wanted to like the California Avocados more. We needed an emotional appeal to consumers.

Our strategy: these avocados aren't just made in California, they're made of California.

Art. Not ads.

Our goal was to be visual and sharable. And since people don't take pictures of ads, everything we made had to feel special. We worked with renowned California artist Michael Schwab to turn print ads into posters:

And we scrapped our billboards to have the legendary John Van Hamersveld (creator of the Endless Summer poster, as well as album covers for The Beatles, Kiss, The Rolling Stones, and more) paint murals across California. Check out our interview with him below:


The writing took on a warm and welcoming tone, and our simplified new look focused on vibrant California-themed colors. Combining these colors in various ways, along with a bold new typeface allows consistent yet endless combinations of layouts for traditional collateral, social, digital or in-store executions.

We had a blast with our radio, too. This one was just nominated for a Radio Mercury Award: