Getting into the Super Bowl
without getting into the Super Bowl.



Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest day of the year for guacamole consumption. Without a commercial to air in the game, we wanted to make sure California Avocados were still part of the conversation.

During the game, when a food or beverage brand released their ad, we tweeted back at them with a custom recipe that combined their product with our avocados. We worked with a California chef to create each recipe, making sure that even the strangest combinations came out tasting delicious.


By hijacking these brands' feeds, we saw a 535% increase in California Avocado post volume. A few of the brands even responded to us – including our rivals at Avocados from Mexico, who inserted us in a conversation with Coke. We also got a shoutout on Twitter during Key & Peele's live stream.

The California Avocado Commission was brilliant and showed us the future of food marketing and connecting to shoppers…
The California Avocado Commission had one of the cooler Twitter stunts going during Super Bowl 50—all connected to the food advertisers on the game.