The Amanda Foundation

The Amanda Foundation offers free spay/neuter procedures in low income neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Plus they're the only animal rescue in Los Angeles with a full service vet practice.

With a team of volunteers and exactly zero dollars, we were able to give them a massive brand campaign. A new logo and collateral, a complete website redesign, print ads, even a new wrap for their mobile clinic. Plus a tagline – Love Never Strays.

We did a lot for a little. Here's an overview:

Our print ads ran nationally thanks to a photographer who donated his time, and a publisher that donated space in a number of publications for free. (Click to enlarge.)

We gave them a set of rubber stamps that instantly turns inexpensive colored paper into a cohesive set of business cards and letterheads.

We redesigned their website from the ground up and streamlined the donation process.

And then we got someone to wrap their bus with our photos. For free.